We are a team of welding experts on hand to support all of your welding needs. Our expertise and experience provide the foundations for your business cost savings.

We pride ourselves on sharing knowledge for the benefit of the welding community. Key to this is our free advice helpline, our technical training centre and our work with various industry bodies. 


We offer a range of services to meet the welding needs of all industries, from aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, pharmaceutical to construction and more.

We cover most materials such as: titanium, aluminium, duplex and nickel to name a few. We specialise in providing training for manual welding operations while our consulting and procedure qualification services apply to both manual and mechanised/automated welding processes. 

Our services are split into two main groups, consultancy and training. To find out more please view our articles by clicking the links on the left of this page. 


We are currently exploring opportunities in the manufacture of prototypes and complex welded fabrications/components. If you would like to discuss more please contact us here.